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Mlmfocus.biz was created for people all over the world that want to learn more about the MLM home base business industry. All are welcome. We provide a huge assortment of videos to inspire you as well as a ton of videos for you to learn more about internet marketing strategies and skills.

We have provided another ton of videos primarily on MLM companies that offer people the opportunity to build an online business with digital products rather than physical products. There are quite simply loads and loads of websites and blogs that offer information, training, strategies and tips for MLM’s that sell physical products such as Amway or Marykay.

If you want to learn more about MLM’s that want you to sell digital products and services and how to train & recruit others to do the same… than you are in the right place. Check out the Mastermind section of this blog. Inside you will watch a ton of videos from top MLM leaders that sell physical an or digital products. After all Holton Biggs is the 2nd highest paid MLM leader in the entire home base MLM Industry and he is currently with a MLM company that sells physical products and more . Our mastermind section is awesome because we have videos from some of the greatest masterminds of network & internet marketing for you to learn from.

Mlmfocus.biz is a completely free site. The site is not monetized whatsoever to ask you to pay for anything or to join someone’s newsletter or any of that great stuff that you need to have on your website! We consider mlmfocus.biz to be the mlm video hub, free of all ‘buy now’ distractions. We invite you to get your favorite beverage, and enjoy listening and viewing great MLM videos for to grow your business. The site is mobile optimize so go ahead and  bookmark us and enjoy the site on your mobile phone or tablet as well.

Mlmfocus.biz also offers a Bilingual section of MLM Videos. Check it out and let us know what you think. We will continue to grow this section of the blog.

Leave us a comment every now and again. Tell us what inspired you; what you think about this blog. Is it user friendly? What would you like for us to add to the site?  If you have any MLM questions we will leave a response in the blog comments section. We will make every attempt to answer any MLM questions and leave the response in comments for all visitors to benefit from.

Just a few rules with regards to leaving a comment. When you leave a comment  do not use profanity at all.. Angry tones and disrespectful comments will not be approved by the administrator of this blog.

We hope with the greatest sincerity that this free open space, will contribute in helping you to Build your MLM business to level that you have always dreamed of. You can do it! Share this site with your new recruits in any way that you want to. Being of service and helping one another to succeed is really and truly what it’s all about.

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If you are unsure about joining an MLM, go to the menu bar and click on videos. Select from the drop down menu, Multilevel marketing scams legal or illegal. Also use the search bar and type in the word scams. You will find many videos to help you decided if a MLM home base business opportunity is right for you.